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Valencia, Spain

Course Info:

Holes - 27
White Tee - Metres: 5412. Par: 72
Yellow Tee - Metres: 5317. Par: 72

Red Tee - Metres: 4849. Par: 72

Escorpión Golf Club is a private club with 27 holes made up of three groups of 9 holes which combine to create three 18-hole courses. The terrain of the course is very undulating and the rough is made up of numerous Mediterranean trees (pines, hackberries, australis, orange trees and olive trees, to name but a few) and beautiful views with the Sierra Calderona mountains in the distance.

The Holes. The difficulty and length of the holes varies enormously. From the white tees, the par-3’s vary between 130 and 207 metres, the par-4’s between 350 and 405 metres, and the par-5’s between 458 and 527 metres. The fairways. The fairways are large and generally quite flat, so it is not a tiring course to play on. The greens. The size of the greens varies between 400 and 675 square meters, with an average of about 500 square metres per hole. They are smooth, quite level and generally quite fast. The Lakes. The course has six beautiful unevenly shaped lakes but despite this they do not come into play on one of the 9-hole courses (Los Nuevos). These lakes have become shelters for a wide variety of water birds. The bunkers. There are around 75 bunkers of different sizes and depths. On “Los Nuevos” the bunkers are large and come into play both for professionals and for players with a high handicap. The trees. A wide variety of Mediterranean species: pines, orange trees, olive trees, cypresses, holm oaks, poplars, araucarias, casuarinas, hackberries, redbuds, melias, and others. Over 1,000 trees have been planted in the last three years to recover a rough originally made up of orange trees which had to be replaced. “La Masia” (“The Farmhouse”) 9 Holes A par of 36 (two par-3’s, five par-4’s and two par-5’s) A 9-hole course situated to the right of the practice course. The holes run over flat terrain and there are a large number of doglegs and players are often forced to choose between various alternative strategies. “Los Lagos” (“The Lakes”) 9 Holes A par of 35 (three par-3’s, four par-4’s and two par-5’s) The main feature of this group of holes is the large number of lakes which come into play (five holes) which reward good shots and severely penalise bad ones! “Los Nuevos” (“The New Ones”) 9 Holes A par of 37 (two par-3’s, four par-4’s and three par-5’s) These are the 9 recently constructed holes. They are different from the other 18 in that the terrain is more undulating, the greens are slightly elevated and the bunkers are bigger. They are fine holes, unobstructed, and provide the golfer with the opportunity to really test their game.

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